Everything You Need To Know About Alloy Wheels

The summer time is ‘officially’ here, and whilst the weather may still have a hint of spring freshness about it, the days are getting longer, the sun is showing itself more, and the truly summer months of May, June, July and August are just around the corner.

Britain seems to have a tradition of preparing for a great summer, which falls flat after 2 weeks, but whilst the weather may well end up dampened, the spirit does not. Holidaymakers are preparing for a week away, the stay at home sunbathers are getting out their deck chairs, and the motoring enthusiasts are gearing up for a summer of car shows and cruises, but how can they ensure they keep the car looking good?  Get the facts about tire Austin see this.

Driving over dusty dirt tracks and grass at car shows, or hitting the motorway for a break – rain or shine – can leave your alloy wheels looking a little worse for wear. Dirt, dust and break dust will coat your wheels, not only leaving them dirty, but also greatly improving the chance of scratches and marks being caused, and no one wants that on a £350.00 set of alloy wheels.

Alloy wheel protection is therefore vital for anyone who wants to keep their car looking shiny and turning heads both in the busy summer, and the poor winter weather. The fact of the matter is however that many alloy wheel protection substances can promise brilliant shine and protection, but fail to deliver where it really matters, when searching for alloy wheel wax, ensure that it has a good specification, including the following.

Easily Applicable – Some wax can be really tough to apply to your wheels, taking up valuable time.

Cleans and Shines – The main thing everyone wants from a wax – to keep their wheels looking shiny

Accelerates Water Run Off – If the water all dries on your wheel, the water marks left will put you back to square one.

Repels Break Dust – It’s all well and good if the wax cleans, but you want it to stay clean, and not be out waxing every few days.

Can Be Used in Direct Sunlight – Sunny weather is the prime time for people cleaning cars, so a wax that can be used in sunlight is very advisable

Provides UV Protections – You need some UV protection, or prolonged exposure to the summer sun could case wear and fading of your alloy wheels appearance

Prevents Water Marks and Swirls – As stated above, water marks can leave your wheels looking just as dirty as before, so a wax that prevents them is vital.